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Oklahoma Attorney For Real Estate Investors


(Oklahoma investors, see my profile on BiggerPockets).

In large part, my firm was founded to create transaction and investment value for real estate investors. For examples of how legal work can create investment value, see my article: How to Increase Property Value Without Lifting a Hammer (Legal Renovation vs. Physical Renovation).

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We focus on the areas of practice that most impact real estate investors. This includes:

  • Title defects and curative work (including quiet title actions)
  • Leasing, rent-to-own, contract-for-deed, and similar arrangements
  • Wholesaling counsel and contract preparation, allowing investors to legally and safely structure wholesale deals
  • Transactional counsel to navigate the purchase and sale process for investment properties
  • Litigation including property disputes, title disputes, evictions, and boundary disputes
  • Legal assistance in navigating purchases from foreclosures and short sales, including pre-purchase title work and post-purchase curative work
  • Entity formation, tax consideration, and other corporate matters affecting investors
  • Development counsel, including plats, easements, zoning, and related matters

If you are looking for attorneys who fully grasp the goals and mentality of a real estate investor, please give us a call. We look forward to serving you.


- Ryan Jones, Esq.