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Consult Policy - Is it free? If you are interested in retaining an attorney but have questions to help you make a decision, the initial consult is free up to 20 minutes. Even if you decide not to retain an attorney, you will not be charged. On the other hand, if you have no interest in actually hiring the firm and you are simply seeking legal advice, the consultation will be billed at $190.00 per hour.


  • Brooks Hensley Recommends Ryan Jones

    Ryan is the man! He handled my case within a timely manner while being completely informed on the topic at hand. If you have any Real Estate or Property problems I do not see how you could not at least give him a call. Working with Ryan was awesome and there is no doubt that I will work with him ... Read On

  • Tsah Itic Recommends Ryan Jones

    Ryan has managed to provide real help where other lawyers have failed. He took my requirements seriously and provided thorough research with great results all in a very short time and with excellent service. I highly recommend working with Ryan and I definitely intend to do so in the future. Read On

  • Neal Engleman

    Ryan was very profesional and thorough in investigating and responding to questions about my property. He was straightforward and transparent in the billing process too. I highly recomend this individual. Read On