Oklahoma Easement Attorney | Easement Lawyer


Easements are a sub-set of property law, and we are a property law firm.

  • Easement Drafting. Ensure that the easement is designed with the proper scope, protections, and limitations.
  • Easement Negotiation. If necessary, negotiate with other parties to obtain appropriate terms.
  • Pipeline Easements. Place limitations and conditions on pipeline easements from oil & gas companies.
  • Easement Interpretation. What is the scope or proper usage of an existing easement? What are the rights of the parties with respect to the easement? Is one party entitled to an easement or not?
  • Easements by Necessity. Are you landlocked? Or does another party claim to be landlocked? Learn when someone might be entitled to an "easement by necessity" -- a common law doctrine that applies in limited circumstances.

Whether you're dealing with right-of-way issues, access problems, or a pipeline company, an easement attorney will maximize your chances of a successful outcome.