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By focusing our practice on real estate and property law, we are able to provide high-quality representation at a reasonable cost.

  • Initial Consultation Fee:
    • $95.00 for an initial consultation (billed by email, with online payment options).
    • We will waive the fee if your questions fall outside of our practice areas.
    • For consultations over 30 minutes, the fee is determined hourly at $190 per hour.
  • Do you provide free consultations? No, the fee applies to all initial consultations.The consultation fee ensures the seriousness of client inquiries, as we receive a large volume of calls. 
  • Do you accept cases on contingency? In rare cases, if the client provides compelling evidence, we accept cases on contingency. However, in the vast majority of cases, we require monthly payments or up-front retainers.
  • Quotes and Flat Fees: During the initial consultation, we will analyze your situation and quote a fee for additional legal services. The initial consultation fee allows us to invest the time and energy necessary to provide a more accurate quote.
  • Hourly Rate: Sometimes, it is impossible to determine total fees in advance. For unpredictable work, we charge $190.00 per hour.
  • Legal Coaching: Sometimes, clients cannot afford full-scope legal representation, but they still need guidance to represent themselves. In these situations, I am happy to provide as-needed legal coaching, allowing you to represent yourself and reduce legal fees.