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Pricing & Service Structure

Initial Pricing - How to Get Started

  • Option 1 - Send a Message (free)Send us a message using the form on this page, or on the contact page. An attorney will review your message and get back to you if our firm can help.
  • Option 2 - Phone Consultation ($75.00)To obtain legal advice directly from an attorney, please schedule a phone consultation using this link. During the consultation, we will evaluate your situation, provide legal advice, and determine what the next steps might be. 
  • Option 3 - Office Consultation ($150.00)To meet with an attorney in person, you can schedule an in-office consultation using this link. In-person consultations are $150.00 per hour. During the consultation, we can analyze your situation, provide legal advice, and determine if additional steps are required.

Flat Fees & Hourly Rates

We employ a combination of flat fees and hourly fees. Flat fees are billed as a set number of hours for certain legal tasks. Other services are billed on the traditional hourly model. By focusing on specific practice areas, we provide high-quality legal representation at reasonable hourly rates:

  • Partner Rate: $190.00 per hour
  • Associate Rate: $150.00 per hour
  • Legal Assistant: $95.00 per hour