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Pricing & Service Structure

Hourly Rates

By focusing on specific practice areas, we provide high-quality legal representation at reasonable hourly rates:

  • Partner Rate: $190.00 per hour
  • Associate Rate: $175.00 per hour
  • Legal Assistant: $95.00 per hour

Estimates and Quotes

In some cases, we can provide estimates during the first call or email. But in most cases, we must first perform some preliminary legal work to provide a more accurate estimate. We realize you cannot invest thousands of dollars as an up-front retainer until you have some idea of total cost. To reduce your up-front investment, we use a 3-stage approach to pricing.

  • Stage 1: We provide introductory communications at no charge. Usually, this is a call or email exchange.
  • Stage 2: We charge a $500.00 retainer fee for analysis, review, and legal advice. Sometimes, this fee also counts toward future work, such as a demand letter.
  • Stage 3: We provide more extensive legal services if necessary at stage 3. Our previous stage 2 analysis allows us to provide you with a pricing estimate for stage 3 services. This way, you can evaluate cost before proceeding beyond the $500.00 fee paid at stage 2.
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