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Pricing & Service Structure

Our pricing has three simple stages.

Stage 1: Free Introductory Communications. You will have a basic phone call or email exchange with a staff member to determine whether your legal matter is something we can handle. Does it fall within our practice areas?

Stage 2: Hire the Firm - $500.00. To hire the firm, clients pay a small retainer fee of $500.00. This provides access to our team of real estate attorneys, who will perform the following services as part of stage 2:

  • Analyze your situation in detail
  • Review your documents
  • Consult with you by phone, email, and in-person as necessary
  • Provide legal advice on how to take the next steps toward your goal
  • Estimate pricing for any future services to be performed in stage 3 (such as a lawsuit, contract, or demand letter)

Stage 3: Additional Legal Action (if necessary). During stage 3, we can provide more extensive services if necessary. This might be a lawsuit, contract, demand letter, or more complex research. Pricing for stage 3 services can be accurately estimated after the stage 2 analysis is complete.

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