How much do Oklahoma real estate attorneys cost?

Attorney Office Consultation

$115 - $225 ($225 per hour)

You can book an attorney office consultation using this link. Or, call 405-888-2744 to schedule by phone. After scheduling, you'll receive directions and a confirmation by email.

Services Pricing

When possible, we prefer flat fees, contingency fees, or a hybrid model (see definitions below). However, if the work is unpredictable, we resort to an hourly billing model. By focusing on specific practice areas, we provide high-quality legal representation at relatively low hourly rates:

  • Partner Rate: $225.00 per hour
  • Associate Rate: $175.00 per hour
  • Legal Assistant: $95.00 per hour 

Understanding Real Estate Attorney Fee Structures

  • Hourly Billing. Hourly billing is the classic fee structure for lawyers. Although it has decreased in popularity, it is still the default fee structure for most attorneys. Under this model, the attorney charges for all time spent on the case. Usually, charges are applied in 6-minute or 15-minute increments. The hourly billing model is best suited to situations in which the amount of work require is unpredictable. For example, litigation can be difficult to handle on a flat fee model, because the attorney does not know if the other side will vigorously oppose the lawsuit or settle the case very early. Hourly charges automatically adjust for the amount of work required.
    • Average Hourly Rates: In Oklahoma, real estate attorney hourly rates range from $150.00 to $300.00 depending on the location of the firm and the attorney's level of expertise in the subject area.
  • Contingency Fees. Contingency fees are often used in the context of personal injury law, or other areas where a large damages award may be obtained. The lawyer only gets paid if he "wins the case." Typically, an attorney only takes a case on contingency if there is a large amount of money at stake, because the risk of not being paid must be balanced by the reward of being paid a lot. The contingency model is less common in property law, but a real estate attorney might use a contingency structure if he can be paid a percentage or a lump sum when the subject property is sold or refinanced.
  • Flat Fees. The attorney charges a fixed amount for a certain service. For example, $500.00 for a demand letter, or $2,000.00 to file a lawsuit. This provides certainty and predictability. However, this model only works if the services to be provided can be predicted in advance. In litigation, flat fees can only be achieved by breaking the process down into phases or functions. This way, a flat fee can be assigned to each step in the process.
  • Estimates. An estimate is an attorney's non-binding attempt to predict how much time will be required under an hourly billing model. An estimate is different than a flat fee. An estimate is not a  fixed amount that is set in stone. It is simply a "best guess" about how many hours will be billed. In reality, the project may require more or less billable hours, resulting in a different total cost.
  • Hybrid Models. In some situations, a hybrid between hourly billing and contingency fees can help spread financial risk between the attorney and client. Rather than paying full market rates ($225.00 per hour) the client might pay a reduced hourly rate ($95.00 per hour). The client pays the reduced hourly rate regardless of the outcome. If the attorney achieves the desired outcome (wins the case or completes the transaction) then the client pays a "success fee" at the conclusion of the representation. The "success fee" is like a bonus that is contingent upon success. This way, the attorney gets paid something regardless of the outcome, and if the project fails, the client only pays half of the normal hourly rate. This helps to align incentives and spread risk.
  • Payment Plans. Payment plans can be used in combination with an hourly billing model or a flat fee model. If the client does not have the cash at hand, the attorney might accept monthly payments continuing until the balance is paid in full.

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