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By focusing our practice on real estate and property law, we are able to provide high-quality representation at a reasonable cost.

  • Introductory Call/Email. Your first phone call or email exchange is free up to 15 minutes. The purpose is to determine whether you wish to retain the firm. During introductory communications, we can provide basic information on rates, timelines, and the legal process. We do not provide official legal advice during introductory communications, because we have not yet analyzed your situation in detail.
  • Retainer Fee - $500.00. If you wish to retain the firm after introductory communications, you will pay an initial retainer fee of $500.00. If you have been quoted a flat fee or estimate, the retainer fee will count toward the quote, reducing the amount owed. The retainer fee covers our initial analysis of your situation, our preliminary research, and our correspondence with you regarding the results. If our analysis reveals that additional work is required, then we will discuss fee arrangements for any additional work before proceeding.
  • Quotes & Flat Fees. If we provide you with a quote or flat fee, we will adjust our charges as necessary to satisfy your expectations. Sometimes, quotes and flat fees can be provided during introductory communications. Other times, you must first retain the firm so that we can perform in-depth analysis to support a more accurate quote.
  • Hourly Billing. If you request any services outside the scope of your quote or flat fee, we will charge on an hourly basis. Of course, we will not incur hourly charges unless you have authorized us to do additional work. If a quote or flat fee does not apply, then hourly billing will apply to anything you ask us to do on your behalf. We do not perform unnecessary work. We only perform as much work as necessary to accomplish your goals in the most affordable possible manner, with your best interests in mind. (Hourly billing is generally the default method for litigation and other service areas where the time investment is difficult to predict.)
  • Hourly Rates.

Ian Norberto – Legal Assistant: $95.00 per hour
Max Nowakowski – Attorney: $150.00 per hour
Ryan Jones – Attorney: $190.00 per hour
Todd Grimmett – Attorney: $190.00 per hour

  • Do you accept cases on contingency? In rare cases, if the client provides compelling evidence of future payment, we accept cases on contingency. However, in the vast majority of cases, we require monthly payments and up-front retainers.
  • Legal Coaching: Sometimes, clients cannot afford full-scope legal representation, but they still need guidance to represent themselves. In these situations, we are happy to provide as-needed legal coaching, allowing clients to represent themselves and reduce legal fees. The standard $500.00 retainer is still required.