Ian Norberto

  • Ian's Role - Legal Assistant: At the firm, Ian assists attorneys with research, writing, drafting, and administrative tasks. His attention to detail, sharp mind, and inexhaustible work ethic are a huge asset to the firm.
  • Ian's Bio: I developed an interest in law at a very young age. My father worked in the federal court system, and his grandfather was an attorney. As a child, I would visit his father's office and observe how he helped people in real need. I inherited the same service-based mentality, and this inspired me to pursue a career in law. I am currently pursuing a law degree, with the ultimate goal of becoming a public defender. I have a beautiful wife (Felicia) and two young boys (Ezra and Atreus).  I derive a great deal of meaning and purpose from being a husband and father, aspiring to be a role model to my sons in everything I do. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games with Ezra. I also enjoy museums, watching movies, and working in the garden.