Oklahoma Attorneys for Israeli Investors

Are you an Israeli real estate investor?

We can help you invest in Oklahoma.

  • Overcome and understand foreign ownership restrictions
  • Protect yourself from liability with entities (register a foreign entity or create a local one)
  • Conduct real estate closings from afar using Power of Attorney signings
  • Use our firm to network with local, trusted service providers
  • Residential leases, evictions, and other ongoing investment services

We are an Oklahoma real estate and property law firm. We love serving real estate investors. More specifically, we love helping foreign investors navigate the complexity of investing from afar.

Many foreign investors are attracted to the Oklahoma real estate market due to its incredible stability. Located right in the middle of the United States, Oklahoma has a steady economy that often remains insulated from national and global fluctuations.

However, in order to successfully invest overseas, you must first navigate the complexities of foreign ownership. Thankfully, we have seen this done successfully by other foreign investors, and we can help you do the same. Our goal is to help you build stable wealth over time.