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Oklahoma OIl & Gas Attorney | Mineral RIghts Lawyer

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Whether you are a mineral investor or an oil & gas operator, we would be happy to help you accomplish your goal.

  • Cure title issues and achieve pay status. Mineral title is a complex field. Unlike surface rights, mineral rights are not covered by title insurance policies in Oklahoma. This can make it confusing and difficult to clear title to mineral rights. As a property law firm, we simplify the complex title process for our clients. We will help you achieve your business and investment objectives by solidifying title to your assets, mineral interests, and production payments.
  • Negotiate oil & gas leases. Particularly for mineral owners without experience, negotiating an Oklahoma oil & gas lease can be confusing. The terms of your lease are extremely important and may impact your property rights for multiple generations. Ensure that the terms are fair and appropriate to your situation.
  • Navigate mineral transactions (purchase and sale). If you're buying or selling minerals or leasehold interest, you may require legal assistance to close the transaction. This includes preparation and/or review of a mineral purchase agreement (MPA), supervision of title matters, and facilitation of closing (exchanging of deed for funds).

  • Oil & gas disputes and litigation. Disputes often arise in the context of oil & gas leases, mineral transactions, and related matters.