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We focus on real estate / property law. By narrowing our practice areas, we strive for excellence in property law. For a list of services included within the umbrella of property law, see our homepage.

For a more detailed listing of our service areas, see the homepage. A few of our most common clients include:

  • Investors. We provide general counsel on all aspects of property law and business law for real estate investors. In addition, we add value to transactions through curative title work.
  • Landlords. We structure leases, rent-to-own agreements, handle evictions, and more.
  • Tenants. We enforce the terms of lease agreements and the Oklahoma Landlord/Tenant Act.
  • Home Buyers/Sellers. We ensure that the transaction runs smoothly, and we can sometimes save you significant closing costs.
  • HOA MembersWe represent both Associations and property owners regarding covenants, dues, and community governance issues.
  • Mineral Owners. We cure title problems, negotiate oil & gas leases, navigate mineral transactions, and handle disputes.
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