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As a property law firm, we focus heavily on curative title work, probates, and quiet title actions. Due to our narrow focus, we provide fast and cost-efficient services. Many real estate investors find our rates and responsiveness to be a refreshing change from large firm rates in big cities. We are located in Edmond, Oklahoma, but we perform curative work nationwide through local counsel.

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When possible, we fix title problems without resorting to legal action. Sometimes we can obtain a quitclaim deed or work with a title insurance company to fix title problems. This is often the cheapest and fastest way to resolve a title problem, so we always start there. However, sometimes title problems require a quiet title lawsuit. Here are a few reasons why you might need a quiet title action:

  • Tax Sale Quiet Title. If you purchased property from an Oklahoma tax sale, your property is likely unmarketable. After a tax sale, title insurance companies will not insure a property until a quiet title action has been completed. If the property is not insurable, then it's not marketable either. This will decrease the market value of your property. A quiet title action can restore marketable title.
  • Ownership Disputes. Sometimes, two or more parties make claim to the same piece of property. In this situation, a quiet title action can resolve the ownership dispute and clarify who holds title.
  • Title Defects. Sometimes, there is not any real dispute over ownership, but there is a technical defect in the title records. Someone forgot to do a probate. Someone forgot to sign a deed. A partial interest is owned by a dead relative. There are many possible causes for title defects, but they can generally be corrected through a quiet title action.

Download our free handbook: An Introduction to Quiet Title Actions

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