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Residential Real Estate Attorney

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Residential Real Estate Attorney
  • Transactions and leasing
  • Title defects (quiet title)
  • Residential disputes and litigation
  • Mortgages & promissory notes
  • Seller financing arrangements
  • Rent-to-own agreements
  • Real estate purchase contracts

We provide a full suite of residential real estate services. There are two primary concerns in a residential transaction.

First, you must pay careful attention to the purchase contract. This contract will determine your rights and obligations leading up to closing.

Second, you must pay careful attention to title matters. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, unexpected title problems can sink the transaction and cause significant liability. Be sure that you understand you have run title and understand the implications of any title defects.

Many times, private parties wish to complete a transaction without the help of a realtor or a title company. In these cases, we can help facilitate a closing for a fraction of the cost you might otherwise incur. Other times, we work alongside realtors and title companies to provide representation for one side of the transaction. 

Aside from full service representation, we also consult with clients regarding specific questions or concerns. You don't need to pay a large retainer to obtain legal advice on discrete issues. We can do as much or as little as you want.